Thursday, January 26, 2012

an attitude of gratitude

So this morning, my mama and I were talking about some things that we're grateful for.
It gave me the idea to make a list of 100 things I'm thankful for...I thought I would share my list with y'all!

So here we go! I'm grateful for...
    1. My family and the knowledge that we have the chance to be together forever.
    2. Music, of all kinds. I'm pretty sure I would die without music.
    3. My mama, who is my best friend. She is truly the best example to me.

    4. Friends who have the same standards as me.
    5. Disney movies and all of their corniness, yet amazingness.
    6. Forgiveness and the chance to always repent.
    7. Soft, warm jammies.
    8. Calculators, since I stopped doing mental math by my fourth semester of college.
    9. Cheesy movies that make you smile at the ridiculousness.
    10.'s a beautiful thing.
    11. Second chances...and knowing that tomorrow is a new day.
    12. That we see in color. I love color.
    13. Happy mail.
    14. The U.S. Postal Service.
    15. Mint chocolate chip ice cream.
    16. Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial PocketBac. Ewww germs.
    17. Smiling.
    18. People who smile at me.
    19. Things that make me smile.
    20. Heaters, because I am always cold.
    21. School. I love it.
    22. Disneyland. It's a magical place.

    23. Doing service for others.
    24. Flip flops...the love of my life.
    25. My job.
    26. My missionary friends whom I write to.
    27. My testimony of the gospel.
    28. Cooking and baking.
    29. My sensitivity.
    30. Purses...NOT fanny packs!
    31. Clean bathrooms.
    32. Temples and the peace I feel there.
    33. Showers and all other types of running water.
    34. Unanswered prayers, because God knows what is best for me in the big picture.
    35. Computers.
    36. Chocolate chip cookies.
    37. The person who made a mistake in the kitchen and unknowingly created chocolate chip cookies.
    38. Clocks, because I would go crazy if I didn't know what time it was.
    39. To have a church so close to my house.
    40. To have a temple so close to my house.

    41. J.K. Rowling, for writing Harry Potter.

    42. Kathryn Stockett, for writing The Help.

    43. Suzanne Collins, for writing The Hunger Games.

    44. Jane Austen, for writing...period.

    45. Christmas, the season that we remember when Christ was born.
    46. Christmas lights that twinkle.
    47. "Twinkle" made me think of Twinkies, for which I'm also grateful.

    48. Books, because reading is my favorite thing.
    49. My pink camera.

    50. Pictures, so I can remember important moments in my life.
    51. The color purple. I love that dang's so amazing and happy and pretty.
    52. Snuggies.

    53. The strong bonds I have with my family members.
    54. My reliable car.
    55. My ability to read music.
    56. My visiting teachers...they're the best.
    57. Chick-fil-A.
    58. That my not-so-local community college has a SLPA program...and that it's online.
    59. Hot chocolate.
    60. My new bright red KitchenAid stand mixer.

    61. My amazing brother, who gave me my new bright red KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas.
    62. Our four kitties and all the love and fun they add to our family.
    63. Missionary work. I don't know where I'd be today without it...
    64. Cute I can be stylish while attempting to be a domestic goddess.
    65. That I was born in the south, y'all!
    66. Arizona sunsets.
    67. That I can wear short sleeves in January...
    68. Joseph Smith, for saying a simple prayer when he was 14 and restoring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth once again.

    69. Chocolate, and that it isn't just for rich people anymore.
    70. Cozy blankies that keep me warm all year long, since I'm prettymuchalmost always freezing.

    71. Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt.
    72. The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.
    73. Pond's Cold Cream.

    74. Steppin' Out Dance Centre...the place where I built character for five years.
    75. That my parents let me take dance and music lessons, allowing me to become a more well-rounded person.
    76. My thick, wavy hair.
    77. Beautiful, pink roses.
    78. The smell of roses...I think that's what heaven's going to smell like.
    79. That I was named after one of my grandma's favorite books.
    80. My ability to study and retain knowledge.
    81. Thomas S. Monson, who is our prophet and guides us each and every day.
    82. That flats are popular...since I'm not super graceful in heels.
    83. Birthdays...I sure love them!
    84. Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer. I know that I can ask for forgiveness when I make mistakes, because that is the beauty of the Atonement. No one is perfect, and Heavenly Father knew that, and that is why Jesus paid the ultimate we can repent and still have the chance of living with our Heavenly Father again.

    85. Yummy-smelling lotions.
    86. The smell of new books.
    87. Beaches.
    88. My blue eyes.
    89. Things that make me laugh until my sides hurt.
    90. My bed. I love not having to sleep on the floor.
    91. My happy patchwork quilt.
    92. The chance I was given to serve as a full-time missionary in Georgia.
    93. My handwriting.
    94. Anything that glitters.
    95. Hugs. I'm totes a huggy person.
    96. Pizookies!!
    97. That I have full points in all of my classes [so far].
    98. My daddy, because he is amazing.
    99. Chris, my younger brother, who never ceases to amaze me.
    100. To be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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